Oak Rose Farm is a family farm located on Hood River’s Westside. We grow a variety of organic vegetables and strawberries, focusing on flavor and quality. We love to be a part of feeding our community.



Bonnie Cox has always loved to have her hands in the soil– her first small childhood garden was followed by ever larger plots of land, working on other people’s organic farms, and now farming in Hood River. Matt Cox delights in problem solving and building; there is much of both to be found on our new farm. We love to connect our neighbors and friends with tasty, fresh produce. We hope everyone in the Gorge can share in the joy of a freshly dug carrot or a perfectly sun-warmed strawberry.


Make a match with us!

We will be attending the Local Food Buyer and Seller Matchmaker this Thursday, February¬†23rd¬†at Springhouse Cellars, from 6-8 pm. Come by and say hello–learn about our planting plans for this season and let us know what we could grow for you.


1270 Sunset Road, Hood River, Oregon 97031